Background history of BARAMO


Researching medical team of BARAMO has listened to the complaints of patients at hair loss treatment hospitals.

Researching medical team of BARAMO was deeply concerned with the complaints of patients about homecare products. They said using functional cosmetics that counteract hair loss would help to control hair loss. It seems effective for a while. But the scalp becomes dry, sensitive and itchy after using homecare products for a week or two. It even becomes red and perm is easily loosened. In some cases hair loss becomes more serious. 

Doctors who treat hair loss are seriously concerned about recommending the homecare products. Alcohol and salicylic acid that are added to functional cosmetics to melt down essential substances are mixed with detergents and made the scalp dry and sensitive. Many patients experienced the symptoms.

BARAMO started its research from this point.

It completed current BARAMO products after two years of research. The products were made of plant extracted patent substances that suppress hair loss. BARAMO shampoo doesn’t contain alcohol, salicylic acid and sulfate synthesis detergent.

BARAMO doesn’t use sulfate synthesis detergent that is harmful to the scalp and hair root.

BARAMO uses natural source detergent. It has three problems. First, the price goes up a little. Second, the natural source detergent could work like aroma effect causing small and sometimes serious allergy symptoms. So it took a long time to do a clinical test for its safety. Third, it produces much less foam than a synthesis detergent. It took another long time to do a sample test and decide how to combine substances to produce more shampoo foam. Even now we decide the production of a new product after at least 30 days of sample test at a hospital.

Hair loss is mainly resulted from three reasons. They are androgen type hair loss, hereditary hair loss and hair loss due to aging.

Many of hereditary hair loss is known as androgen type hair loss. Men can take medicine that influences male hormone. But what can women do for their hair loss? Ninety percent of the hair loss of women is resulted from hereditary reason. The medicines that men take to prevent hair loss have side effects such as the reduction of sexual function, decrease of the number of sperms found from animal test and breast enlargement. So many men don’t like to take the medicines.

 Homecare to prevent hair loss is very meaningful, even if it wouldn’t get as good effect as medicines. As people get old, hair follicle is contracted and hair root is lost making the hair thin and weak. Homecare products that help keeping hair follicle and hair root healthy are essential.

BARAMO proves its effect with substances of patented plant extracts to prevent hair loss causative agents (Patent : KIPO No. 10-0845786)

BARAMO won the grand prize in anti-hair loss product area of health industry award for the first time in Korea.

BARAMO won the innovative award of Korea by overseas journalists in the anti-hair loss area of K-Beauty EXPO for the first time in Korea.