Fuctional mechanism of patented substances


BARAMO™ has triple action of active ingredient “TRIKO-activ™ (Natural products complex)”

1. 5a-reductase (DHT activator) inhibition

 5α-reductase enzyme converts the male hormone, testosterone, to dihydrotestosterone(DHT) causing hair-loss. 
  Increased DHT in the hair follicle induces regression of hair follicle around front head and top of the head, and then results to abnormal thin and discolored hair. 
  Genetic hair loss in women has the same cause as male hair loss, so suppressing 5α-reductase enzyme is most important for both men and women. Therefore, inhibition of the enzyme activity of 5α-reductase is directly prevent hair-loss in male hormonal alopecia.

2. Anti-inflammatory effect

TRIKO-activ™ Protects scalp skin and pore from oxidative damage and inflammatory shock causing hair loss

3. Phytoestrogenic activity

Triko-active™ induces the secretion of estrogenic hormone  – reactivation of hair follicle